Man Arrested For Counterfeit Money At Topeka Convenience Store; What To Look For In Your Wallet
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Man Arrested For Counterfeit Money At Topeka Convenience Store; What To Look For In Your Wallet

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — One man is in jail after a cashier at a local convenience store caught him with a counterfeit bill Monday. The woman he was with was detained briefly, but not booked on any charges.

Store employees say it happens more often than you’d think.

“Every single piece of money we get we have to look at and make sure it’s actually money,” said Dawson Deshazo, manager for Haag’s Express convenience store.

A simple purchase became a call to police when a cashier at Haag’s Express knew something wasn’t right.

“My clerk noticed that the bill was darker than normal so we marked it with a pen and it was counterfeit so we took it to the bank and the authorities showed up,” explained Deshazo.

Deshazo says they’re not the only location that’s seen counterfeit money lately.

“They were surprised at the fact that they had a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. I was telling them about the problem we’ve been having in town with a lot of counterfeit bills coming in so we’re on the look out for them,” said Deshazo.

Deshazo says the employees at Haag’s Express are trained on what to look for.

“”The ways we check for bills is we can feel like on a 10 or 5 or higher you can feel the collar of the president’s shirt as well as doing our multiple kinds of pen tests,” said Deshazo.

There are also several other ways to detect a counterfeit. The numbers on denominations of 5 dollars or more have color changing ink, turning the number on the bottom right corner of the bill from green to copper depending on how the light hits it.

Counterfeit Money Watermark

Each bill has a characteristic watermark. In many of the new bills, the watermark is a replica of the face on the front. In others, it’s an oval spot. The watermark should only be visible when you hold it up to the light, and should always be on the right side of the bill.

Authentic bills also have small red and blue threads woven into the fabric. Copiers will try to replicate this by printing the colored threads on top of the bill.

Significantly blurry boarders, printing, text, or off color, shape or size are also red flags.

Authentic bills all have a security thread running vertically on the bill when held up to the light.

“I think a lot of even smaller bills even. especially 100s or 20s. We’re seeing lots of 20s but a lot of the stores in Topeka most of the gas stations that we recently reported there’s been a lot of counterfeit bills that have been coming through,” said Deshazo.

If you think someone gave you counterfeit money keep the receipt or remember a description of the person who gave it to you, put it in an envelope to preserve any fingerprints, and call the police.

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